Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


Artists must be aged between 11-29.

Only 11-17 year olds may enter the 11-17 years Young Artist Prize*

Only 18-29 year olds may enter the 18-29 years Young Artist Prizes, including the three categories of Digital, Fine Art and Photography.

(*Free entry for 11-17 year olds only)

There are no limitations on the artist regarding education or nationality. You may enter from any country, and can be situated anywhere in the world.

The artist may have non-exclusive representation or none at all, to enter ‘Love Art’.

Artists can submit up to 5 different artworks of all mediums, including paintings, drawings, original prints, photography, sculptures, video, digitally produced artworks and mixed media constructions relevant to each prize, except for performance and sound art.

The Artist must be the owner and the work(s) submitted are of their own origination. The Artist must hold all moral and intellectual property rights.

By submitting the entry form, The Artist accepts that any artwork, if shortlisted in Stage 1, submits the original artwork chosen by the Judging Panel to the Stage 2 competition and exhibition and Stage 3, to have their work published in The Saatchi Gallery Magazine: Art & Music summer 2018 Issue and if, one of  the four prizewinners, submit the original artwork to be exhibited at the Saatchi Gallery at a date TBC in 2018 .

The organisers (Art & Music Publications LLP) will not be liable for any loss or damage to any artworks physically submitted at any point in the prize, however caused, either in transit to and from the exhibition or during any period of storage, packing or unpacking, exhibition or in any period in which the work is in their keeping.

We recommend that The Artist takes out insurance to cover the artwork, especially in transit and while at the organisers or sponsors premises.  

The Artist accepts that all work submitted will be available for sale in the exhibition until the end of the competition; the artwork is collected by The Artist, and that the organisers will take a commission of 50%.

The organiser will take payment from the buyer of the artwork and, once payment is received, will pay The Artist minus the 50% commission on total sale price.

If The Artist is being considered for the Shortlist, The Artist will be required to read carefully and sign an Agreement detailing their obligations for being Shortlisted and exhibited and promoted.

Once registered for this competition, all Artists agree that we, Art & Music Publications LLP, may reproduce their work (at no fee) for any purposes required (including press/publicity/website/social media/catalogue and any other printed or digital material, advertising the exhibition and future entries), excluding for resale unless authorised by the artist.

Please note that Art & Music Publications LLP does not offer refunds for entries.

The Entry

A maximum of 5 artworks per Artist may be entered into the competition. Only one image of each work must be submitted.

The image submitted must accurately portray the artwork.

The artworks submitted must be available for sale, and if shortlisted for stage 2 onwards, the chosen artworks must be available and sent in to the Location (TBC) for judging via physical submission on the required dates, at and for all of the exhibition and for the whole exhibition period at The Cass Art Space, Islington and Saatchi Gallery. The artworks submitted must also be available for Stage 3, to have their work published in The Saatchi Gallery Magazine: Art & Music summer 2018 Issue.

We will not be able to allow collection within the exhibition period. Failure to respect this can result in disqualification or revoking of the title and prize.

The image(s) and the completed entry form(s) must be submitted online, using the submission form on this website.

The image(s) and completed submission form must be submitted online and payment made by the stated final Deadline. Entries received late will be invalid, unless the competition is extended for any reason, then entries received after then but before the new extended date will be valid.

Submitted Artwork Requirements

Paintings, drawings, original prints, photography, sculptures, video, digitally produced artworks and mixed media constructions are excepted.

Performance art and sound art are not accepted in this competition.

Artworks must, if shortlisted for judging, be the same work previously submitted as a digital image and be available for the next stage of judging and if selected for the exhibition including the whole exhibition period. We will not be able to allow collection within the exhibition period under any circumstances, without disqualifying The Artist or revoking their prize.

Each artwork (including if made of several pieces, e.g. diptychs/triptychs) must not exceed* a total of 275cm x 275cm (including the frame) and must not project more than 50cm from the wall. If a sculpture, it can be up to 275cm x 275cm x 200cm. *Some shortlisted artworks may not be exhibited due to further restrictions stipulated by exhibition space. 

All work submitted must be available for sale. The Artist’s recommended sales prices should be carefully considered and at a reasonable market value (the organisers can assist with valuations). Work that is not for sale cannot be entered into this competition. Art & Music Publications LLP will receive from the Artist 50% of the price paid by any buyers if a work is sold.

Next Stage

Works shortlisted for the Stage 2 of judging must be sent by the dates given on the website. This information will be given to you in full in an email advising that your work has been shortlisted; artwork submitted late will not be able to be judged. An email will be sent confirming collection dates at the end of the exhibition if the artworks have not been sold. All delivery and collection costs must be paid for by the artist. 

The Artist must arrange for their artworks to be collected from the location TBC at the end of the exhibition during the the dates specified by the organiser, or they will be liable for a fee of £5 a day to cover storage costs. The organiser will notify you of these dates before the start of the exhibition.

If your work has been shortlisted or selected for the exhibition (s), it will be offered for sale during the exhibition(s) only, through various channels including online and offline.

If work has been selected for the exhibition(s), these works must continue to be available until the close of exhibition at The Cass Art Space, Islington and the Saatchi gallery. We will not be able to allow collection within the exhibition period.

If you feel you have not been judged fairly after your acceptance of the conditions of entry, please send us details of your complaint to info@artandmusicpublications.com and we will review it within 14 days.​